Medicare Advantage plansMedicare advantage plans are provided by the privately-owned companies which have been certified by medicare. The medicare advantage plans move one step ahead of the Original Medicare plans and provide the user with added benefits which the original healthcare misses to provide somehow. However, you cannot have a Medicare advantage plans along with the Medigap plan. It is illegal. You do need to have the part A and part B of the original medicare to be eligible for the advantage plans. Here are some of the plans which are the most popular in Illinois.


  1. Cigna HealthSpring Premier (HMO-POS)

The plan holds a star rating of 4.2 and is available at a monthly premium of $0. However, you do have to pay the plan b premium price. You co-pay in this type of a plan and there is no concept of coinsurance. You do need to pay your primary doctor at each office visit up to an amount of $8, depending upon the service received. For a specialist, it is as high as $30. It provides all of the benefits from the dental coverage to over the counter coverage along with fitness centres provided at various locations to make optimum use of the service. They also provide transportation costs so you do not have to pay yourself and you have a budget-friendly plan.


  1. Aetna Medicare Value (PPO)

This plan provides an out of the pocket maximum limit of up to $3750 for in-network providers and $8250 for services you receive from any provider. This plan is not very common because the maximum limit kinda sets it out of budget. You do not need to pay your primary doctor at the office visit, and a minimal amount to the specialists. The plan covers an in-patient hospital coverage, where the patient has to pay $0 copay after day eight. They do provide a prescription drug coverage but does not cover transportation costs. They also provide mental health coverage and pays in full for the chiropractic care the patient might need.


  1. Ascension Complete Illinois Secure (HMO)

The plan provides an out-of-pocket maximum of just $2900 and does not require you to pay for your visits to the primary doctor. The plan starts at a monthly premium of $0 and hence is very affordable and maintains the budget along with catering to all of the health needs. It provides all types of dental services – from oral tests to prosthodontics or surgery. An exclusive $1000 is paid every year for all the dental services. They provide fitness benefits, over the counter benefits, and transportation benefits as well.